Czech social and healthcare workers make the case for fair wages


As part of the Czech trade unions’ ‘End Cheap Labour’ initiative (#KonecLevnePrace), the health and social services union OSZSP has launched a campaign to boost wages in the social services sector.

The union has met with government representatives to draw attention to problems affecting service provision including staff shortages, excessive workloads and very low pay. Some workers earn as little as CZK 12,000 (€450) a month.

The OSZSP underlines that the shortage of staff to provide essential services will only get worse as older workers retire, and the demand from an ageing population increases.

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In April, a trade union delegation led by Jaroslav Soucek (OSKOVO President) and Josef Stredula (CMKOS President) met Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka to demand an increase in the minimum wage, to combat social dumping. Although Czech productivity has risen to two thirds of the EU level, average wages remain at just one third.

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