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Workers deserve to get their fair share of rising profit – it’s time for our recovery.

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Why Europe needs a pay rise

Corporate Europe has recovered from the crisis but while the top 1% reap almost all the economic gains – workers haven’t seen a pay rise in years.

Compensation growth per employee

For too long, leaders and employers have pitted workers against each other in a wage race to the bottom. More money in the pockets of workers isn’t only good for workers – it creates demand that will trickle-up the economy resulting in faster growth and a fairer economy.

Wages as proportion of GDP


To make this happen – the European trade union movement has launched the campaign ‘Europe needs a pay rise – it’s time for OUR recovery.’

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About the campaign

A pay rise for European workers is a matter of social justice!

Today, wealth and wage inequality is on the rise and workers’ rights such as collective bargaining – the best way to get a pay rise – should be encouraged and promoted by all – not come under attack as it has in recent years.

That is why the European trade union movement has banded together in this campaign to make sure workers get their pay rise.