Workers’ voice – National updates

National updates – #OurPayRise
Union membership pays off in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, wages are significantly higher in companies where workers are members of trade unions and carry out collective bargaining than in unorganised workplaces. Read more.

Public service pay recovers in Ireland

Irish trade unions have succeeded in bringing forward an annual €1,000 pay rise for public service workers from September to April 2017, and opening the way for further negotiations. Read more.

Trade unions welcome higher minimum wage in Bulgaria

The minimum wage in Bulgaria rose by 9% at the beginning of 2017, from the equivalent of €210 to €230. Read more.

Improve wages and taxation to boost Latvian economy, say unions

The beginning of 2017 saw minimum wage rises in Latvia. The government announced an increase of €10 per month, from €370 to €380. Read more.

Low-paid women in Austria should benefit from wage hike

Austrian trade union vida, which is calling for a €1,500 minimum wage in all collective agreements, has just secured agreement on this target in the tourism sector, coming into force in May 2017. Read more.
Swiss vote to defend public services

A campaign by Swiss public service union VPOD/ SSP helped to convince Swiss voters to throw out moves to ease corporate taxation, in a referendum on 12 February. Almost 60% rejected reforms that would have cut resources for vital public services. Read more.

Healthy, happy workers are more productive, research shows

Public service trade union JHL, which represents welfare professionals in Finland, has called for action in the wake of research demonstrating the link between workers’ well-being and productivity. Read more.
Belgian social partners agree pay rises for 2017 and 2018

Belgian trade union organisations and employers have agreed a cross-sector deal for 2017-2018, paving the way for a 1.1% annual pay rise, outside automatic wage indexation. Read more.

Germany: pensions and pay rises

Ver.di is the first German trade union to consider plans for a pension fund for service workers, taking advantage of recent government proposals for reform of the occupational pension system. Read more.

More protection for Italian clothing workers

Italian trade unions in the textile and clothing sectors have concluded a national collective agreement with the employers’ side, Sistema Moda Italia (SMI), including a monthly wage increase of €90 and a minimum wage increase of €70. Read more.

Young trade unionists press for secure work

Sustained action by trade unionists and youth groups in Slovenia has brought more security and better working conditions for young people, but the work goes on. Read more.

Apprentice scheme offers opportunities to young women

More than 500 new apprenticeships are to be offered this year by defence company BAE systems in the UK, in the wake of a campaign by the Unite trade union. Read more.