Italian government approves pay rise for state workers

Pay rises for 270,000 Italian central government employees could already arrive in their February pay packets. The money should be available once the Court of Auditors and Accounting services give their OK. Arrears payments range from €370 to €712 depending on qualifications (€492 average).

State workers will get a new contract. The Council of Ministers has approved the deal reached on 23 December between the trade unions and Aran, the agency negotiating on behalf of Public Administration Minister Marianna Madia (pictured).

If the Court of Auditors raises no objections, the one-off payments could be made in February. The average rise of €85 a month would start from March. The arrears arise from the fact that the renewed contract covers the entire three-year period 2016-2018. The reimbursement of what is already due amounts to €370 for the lowest pay band, rising to €712 for the highest.

Within 15 days, the Court of Auditors should give the green light to the unions and Aran to set a date to sign the agreement. The contract will come into effect the following day. But technical procedures do not end there. The accountant must top up the pay cheques with the additional money. Payments are usually made at the beginning of the month (to reach the workers’ pockets at the end). Time is therefore very tight. So far, the deal affects approximately 270,000 central public administration staff. Three other public-sector areas are in the middle of negotiations.