Cross-border call for higher wages

At their 11th traditional ‘Trade Unions Without Borders’ gathering in Mokrice, Slovenia, on 20 April, Croatian and Slovenian trade union confederations UATUC and ZSSS signed a joint statement on wages: It’s time for OUR recovery.

It calls for the strengthening of workers’ rights, focusing on higher salaries and collective bargaining.

Said UATUC President Mladen Novosel: “During the crisis, when jobs and companies had to be saved, workers gave in and sacrificed numerous rights. Now when all the conditions for growth are met, we expect the employers to give back and improve those rights. Every worker must receive a wage that guarantees a decent living and have a quality job. It is time for our recovery.”

“The wealth which is generated in society is mostly created by workers,” added ZSSS President Dušan Semolič. “This wealth needs to be distributed more fairly – primarily through higher wages – and so we demand a pay rise for workers. We disagree with the claims of the owners of capital that now is not the time for higher wages. For them it is never the right time for a workers’ pay rise or for decent pensions – neither in times of crisis nor in times of economic growth. But they see no time constraints on increasing their wealth and profits and lowering social and labour rights.”