Dijana, izvrsna tajnica SSSH

“Ako ti plaša ne može osigurati minimum egzistencije i dostojanstva, nešto je jako trulo u postojećem. Veće plaće svim radnicima moralni su i ekonomski imperativ.” Dijana, izvršna tajnica SSSH

Phönix, VIDA Youth Secretary

“After a long period of sacrifice it’s time that we get what we deserve: higher wages, decent work, protection and safety at work.” Phönix, VIDA Youth Secretary

Ivan, worker

“With a higher salary I can be more motivated to work better and It would mean that I can then afford to buy something for myself” Ivan, worker

Silvia, PA

“If I would get a pay rise to expand even just a little bit our contacts with friends and even some weekend to get away from the big ciy. If I can dream a bit more, I’d expect to make some small improvements in our home.” Silvia, PA in a private company

Maria, retail worker

“A pay rise would make me feel appreciated and allow me to fulfill some of my two children’s wishes” Maria, retail worker

Martin, sales consultant

“If wages rise significantly the satisfaction of employees would increase as well -and i think the love for the country and our common home.” Martin, sales consultant

Jolanka, factory worker

“We deserve a pay raise. Right now we are struggling just to cover our basic expenses, to survive the month.” Jolanka, factory worker

Massimo, worker

“We contributed to the economy to get better, now is our turn!” Massimo, worker

Josipa, hotel housekeeper

“Croatian workers are diligent and wish to and can work a lot if they are properly paid for their work” Josipa, hotel housekeeper

Sevilay, cleaner

“I need a pay rise because all may salary goes on bills. A pay rise would mean I wouldn’t have to be very careful when shopping” Sevilay, cleaner