Massimo, worker

“We contributed to the economy to get better, now is our turn!” Massimo, worker

Josipa, hotel housekeeper

“Croatian workers are diligent and wish to and can work a lot if they are properly paid for their work” Josipa, hotel housekeeper

Sevilay, cleaner

“I need a pay rise because all may salary goes on bills. A pay rise would mean I wouldn’t have to be very careful when shopping” Sevilay, cleaner

Bohdana, accountant

“If I would get a pay rise, I would feel appreciated, thankful and more loyal to the company.” Bohdana, accountant

Mirsad, journalist

“Since workers are living on the edge, bigger income will be spent on basic goods to satify basic needs.” Mirsad, journalist

Journalists also need a pay rise

By Ricardo Gutierrez, EFJ General Secretary Not all professions have been so deeply affected as journalism by the rise of new technologies, and the collapse in advertising revenues of the media sector. In a recent survey conducted by the European Federation of Journalists for the ETUI’s Hesa Mag #15, across 19 European countries, 82% of

Police need a pay rise to keep us safe

By Peter Smets, EuroCOP delegate, Belgium Over recent years, we have seen significant changes in our lives. Previously, life in Europe was far removed from conflicts, economic problems etc.  We had a relaxed and peaceful way of living. The economic crisis forced governments to choose new ways to finance their countries. Budget cuts in the