Phönix, VIDA Youth Secretary

“After a long period of sacrifice it’s time that we get what we deserve: higher wages, decent work, protection and safety at work.” Phönix, VIDA Youth Secretary

Ivan, worker

“With a higher salary I can be more motivated to work better and It would mean that I can then afford to buy something for myself” Ivan, worker

Silvia, PA

“If I would get a pay rise to expand even just a little bit our contacts with friends and even some weekend to get away from the big ciy. If I can dream a bit more, I’d expect to make some small improvements in our home.” Silvia, PA in a private company

OurPayRise campaign gets high-level backing!

The clamour is growing for higher pay across Europe as some big hitters throw their weight behind the ETUC’s arguments for #OurPayRise, including the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and even the King of the Netherlands! The head of the ECB, Mario Draghi, is reported to be discreetly backing German trade union IG

Revealed: true size of EU east-west pay gap

Workers in 11 central and eastern EU countries are paid up to €944 less per month than workers in Germany when costs of living are taken into account, according to a study published today by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). Shockingly, the difference in net monthly wages, when adjusted for the composition of the

Miserable salaries, miserable pensions: today’s wages determine tomorrow’s retirement

By Carla Cantone, General Secretary, European Federation of Retired and Elderly People The ETUC’s campaign for better wages not only affects active workers, it is also important for pensioners – now and in the future. Indeed, in most countries, with the exception of those that have a universal public pension system, pensions are directly linked to

Czech rally demands end to cheap labour

A rally of Czech trade unionists in Prague on 14 September, organised by ETUC affiliate organisation ČMKOS, agreed the following Manifesto: Fair growth of wages in collective agreements for 2018 In September 2015, the Czech-Moravian confederation of trade unions launched the “End of Cheap Labour” campaign with a clear purpose to give a new impulse, inspiration,

Maria, retail worker

“A pay rise would make me feel appreciated and allow me to fulfill some of my two children’s wishes” Maria, retail worker

Martin, sales consultant

“If wages rise significantly the satisfaction of employees would increase as well -and i think the love for the country and our common home.” Martin, sales consultant

Jolanka, factory worker

“We deserve a pay raise. Right now we are struggling just to cover our basic expenses, to survive the month.” Jolanka, factory worker